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No Plans To Replace Korea As Holden's Small Car Supplier, Says GM China

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Marton Pettendy
29 April 2008

General Motors China’s most senior executive has warned that all automotive brands in the world’s most populous nation should be treated with respect, but says it has no plans for China to replace Korea as the source for GM Holden’s light, small and mid-sized models in Australia any time soon.

Speaking exclusively with GoAuto on the eve of this month’s Beijing motor show, GM China chairman and former GM Holden official Kevin Wale said it would be wrong to dismiss any of China’s emerging car-makers as incapable of making an impact on the Australian new-car market, which Chery will become the first to enter in early 2009.

“I don’t know the range that they’re going to introduce but the reality of life is that all of these brands need to be respected,” he said. “I think the big danger is to simply blow everyone away as not being capable. I think that’s a risk.

“Having said that, they are young brands and they’re going to have to work their way through the maturity stage.”

“I think the Chinese local manufacturers are made up of a couple of different types of categories. There are those that want to focus on the local market and want to specialise in that area and there are a number of them who clearly have global ambitions.

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The whole "respect" comment was an obvious kiss-ass to the insecure Chinese government. Note to Chinese government: You do not demand respect, you earn it. Unless, that is, you are a commnunist. :p:

Sorry, Holden, but this confirms that Korea is your supplier. I know some of you in Australia were hoping for that to be different...Pure economics of it.
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