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The Fleetwood name was in use up through 1996--the last production Cadillacs to carry the name "Fleetwood" (i.e. not counting the stretched DeVilles you're talking about) were those big RWD models that shared a platform with the Buick Roadmaster. BTW, the Eldorado itself was once part of the Fleetwood series.

I also kinda' hated to see the Eldorado name go; but at the same time, getting rid of the Eldo is an indication that Cadillac is back. Cadillac is legendary because it historically has a knack for reinventing itself around a core value set--one reason Cadillac struggled in the 80's and 90's is because it was trying too hard to recapture what it was rather than redefining who it is.

Anyway, it was time for Eldorado to go. About the only folks who can appreciate the legend of the name anymore are Cadillac nuts like me and older folks who were around when the name "Eldorado" meant something. Heck, when I told my wife that I wanted to buy a used Eldorado, her first thought was of an old low-rider. I think that's indicative of how the name doesn't connect with people any more.
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