If you're looking for a Firebird, then we may have something for you. It's a barn find collection, and yes, you're probably getting tired of the term barn find, but sometimes it's more accurate than others. This stash of eight Firebirds (and one Le Mans) was pulled from a warehouse in Minnesota, and after a thorough cleaning, they're all looking pretty good. Well, except for the one that's in mid-restoration.

It's a pretty cool group of second-gen Firebirds, now listed for sale on barnfinds.com. Let's start with the four Super Duty 455s, the special big block, big power Firebirds of the mid-1970s. Fewer than 1,000 of these were built in 1974, and four of them are on offer here with the 290 hp engine.

There's a brown Formula 400 that's like a better version of the car Jim Rockford drove on screen, and a drag race set up that the seller says originally belonged to Jim Wangers, Pontiac's chief marketing manager, and the exec responsible for many of Pontiac's coolest muscle cars.

Whether you're looking for a classic Firebird for yourself, or just want to check out some well-preserved old muscle, these auctions are worth a click.