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next project

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ok guys, as you know, i have finished my 83 camaro project. it went better than expected. and it has paid off so far, over the weekend i participated in a car show, local one with a couple of townships and what not, part of a festival we have here in town, car did really good in it, had alot of people looking at it and asking questions, and i wound up getting a couple trophies out of it. so im pretty happy about that.

heres the deal, im looking for another car.

this time, its going to be a full frame body car. something like a chevelle or in that type. i dont know if i want a unibody car, i want something i can build from scratch. i mean, stripped down, powder coat the whole chassis and build everything. i want a LS series engine in it, and modernized electronics and parts. im thinking probably another 9" in the rear, stay stock with the suspension stuff, other than a few things. i want a full interior, like i have now, and i want to build everything. frame off restoration, i want to build the engine, trans, and rear end, all suspension and body work, and paint and trim work. and all interior and electrical.

i want to do everything on it, and it needs to be a GM vehicle. open to any suggestions, and all types of cars, primarily frame cars, may do a unibody, not 100% sure.
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I always wanted to do a G-body and put a supercharged 3.8 in it. It would make great torque, get good fuel economy and the engines can be had for dirt cheap. There are also twin screw kits for it now if you really want to crank up the power. The main stumbling block would be an upper intake manifold because taking a FWD L67 and using it in a RWD application would have the manifold facing the firewall.

We could have an Australian person on GMI that might be able to ship you a manifold since the Holden had the SC3800 and RWD. Then again, when it comes to cars, I much prefer different combinations that you don’t see every day.
There are a few reasons that I picked a Corvair to work on:
I guess the same reasons your pictures of it were awesome to me. :)

Why not use the stock L67 supercharger and all? The problem in a traditional "Systeme Panhard" setup is that the throttle body is at the wrong side of the engine. But you could just make a Chevelle style cowl induction setup and it would be right in the proper place!

Or just make the snorkel tube around, surely there is plenty of space in the engine bay for that.

I don't really know how the supercharged 3800 Holdens are set up, I mean they can't really put the throttle body in front as the snout is there, I guess the snorkel just snakes around?
I would use the stock L67 and supercharger. I always thought that you must have a different upper intake, but maybe just the snorkel going from the throttle body to the engine would do it? I know for sure if you don't change a thing the throttle body would be through the firewall.
How about an H-Body hatchback?? ((1975-80 Monza/Skyhawk/Sunfire/Sunbird))

That might be stretching it, considering you want to use an LS-series engine....not to mention the fact they are comparatively rare.....but they've got sleek looks and one would make quite a head turner when you're finished. :yup:
I had a 3.8 V6 in a 79' Sunbird as my first car so I know the 3.8 fits. Come on Triple-X08 how about an L67 in a (1975-80 Monza/Skyhawk/Sunfire/Sunbird). An easy 280hp/350tq in a 2500lb RWD platform, sounds like a fun sleeper to me. :)
i think this one (the Vega) could also be used for your next project...

thanks for the pic...been looking for a pic of this car...
That one is way to nice to be used as a project car. I did a little looking around and was shocked at the prices these things continue to hold.
The questions is how many are left? I know when my parents got rid of theirs in the 80's is was about dead.
You're right about that. When I looked around yesterday I was a bit shocked at the prices of even the rust buckets.
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