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next project

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ok guys, as you know, i have finished my 83 camaro project. it went better than expected. and it has paid off so far, over the weekend i participated in a car show, local one with a couple of townships and what not, part of a festival we have here in town, car did really good in it, had alot of people looking at it and asking questions, and i wound up getting a couple trophies out of it. so im pretty happy about that.

heres the deal, im looking for another car.

this time, its going to be a full frame body car. something like a chevelle or in that type. i dont know if i want a unibody car, i want something i can build from scratch. i mean, stripped down, powder coat the whole chassis and build everything. i want a LS series engine in it, and modernized electronics and parts. im thinking probably another 9" in the rear, stay stock with the suspension stuff, other than a few things. i want a full interior, like i have now, and i want to build everything. frame off restoration, i want to build the engine, trans, and rear end, all suspension and body work, and paint and trim work. and all interior and electrical.

i want to do everything on it, and it needs to be a GM vehicle. open to any suggestions, and all types of cars, primarily frame cars, may do a unibody, not 100% sure.
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