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I'm jurnalist from Europe...
I'm writing a series of aricles about Muscle cars..
now is the time to write sth about Modern Muscle..
can You recomand me some articles where I can find sth about:

definition of Modern Muscle:
1)Chrysler 300 SRT8 , Jeep SRT8 are Muscle cars? (for me Yes: big, powerfull V8 , and attitude (image) of that cars... Jeep SRT8 is a Killer :)!
2)WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF Muscle cars:
for how long it will last..Firebird 2018 -the last Muscle car?...
...Hybrid Muscle..because of gas - prices?
I'm affraid that gas bussines alone will kill muscle...soon !...which i s the thing I hate most in economy (kill the spirit and free thinking :)

very interesting is also to speculate what retro-Muscle will come next..if..any more than three Pony cars we have allready....

still theres no classic midsize retro- muscle cars interpretations..
I think Pontiac should make GTO, there 'll be probably no next Firebird (because of Camaro) ,
Cherolet can bring back proper Impala, Chevelle, ..or Monte carlo SS - nicelly done it could be a hit !
Chrysler has to rework Charger, because now it's a production joke (although as a Police car it looks Good ! :)
It wold be nice to see modern Roadrunner (like for example: great Michael Leonhard concept),
Barracuda which is my favourite but it has I belive less chance bigcome back,....
Ford seems to be so glad with it's forgot about Torino...mercury cyclon. is waiting.??
I really wish GM , FORD and CHRYSLER a good weather (golden age) with Muscle car's what they should do ..! ..and do it fast before acountants , greenpease lobbies ..and gas prices will kill the phenomena..

so what do You thinkabout this topics....?
please, if You can sugest some articles , some thoughts, I'll be greatefull

ernest z.
[email protected]

Now I'm working in dealership withe second-hand cars, selling luxury cars from America, but it's not enough.., I would like to come to US and have a closer look to modern muscle.:)

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Camaro is great, but don't You think it's not enough?
I belive there's place/space:) on the market for other Muscle...specially misdize retro-interpretations...?
GTO, Monte Carlo SS, Chevelle , ....and proper Impala SS...(they could do it in 1994, so why not know , if technology is more aviable..

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**** ..Cafe and gas pricess... :) !

....You see, Mercedes and BMW wil still offer AMG's and M's versions , so there should be place for american muscle ...
I think if they will make retro-muscle properly !...

... because they are relatively cheap they have a chance to become mass- popular car-toys...
( I think Camaro is the best example - that car is complete: design(image) ,
I think Chrysler would have a chance with properlly done Charger, ....
no doubts,
Chevrolet with one midsize muscle, ..and I'm allmost sure that sports - division of GM - Pontiac would sell a lot retro-futuristic GTO's (properly designed !, ...Ford could try with thunderbrd again but I think they have problem with performance engines..:)

I really think that design is very important think in that equation...
that why I presume Camaro will be a hit , and maybe will outsell Mustang (that happend not so many times before..)

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Forget ..Cafe and gas pricess... S C R E W Cafe and gas :) !

here in europe gas prices slowly going much speculations..
..take gas from boring cars and put more into Muscle cars ! :)
that's what Modern Robin Hood would do.. ! :)
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