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Calling all skilled drawers, photo choppers, or scribblers, I am engaging in determining what the next generation HHR is going to look like. If you are interested and get a chance please draw up you own interpretations and post it up. This is not an official contest or whatever, its just something interesting to do if you get a chance.

Anyhow, As yawll know I have already taking one attempt at the next gereration HHR and I appreciate all who made suggestions as to how to improve upon it. I hope you see some constructive critism of yours on display in this concept.

With the front design of this HHR G2 I took a walk back in time to the Nomad concept. I blended the facia of the Nomad with a modified and very futuristic looking HHR rear( NOTE: the doors ) I heeded the advice that kept popping up on my old post, and set out to design this HHR G2 with one main objective: Futuristic appearence. I hope I've succeeded in that.

Please write up what yawll think, I do love hearing what yawll have to say and please offer suggestions. Also, If you are constantly drawing or chopping pics for this forum, please consider joining this thread to design the new HHR. I hope to hear from all of yawll and possibly see some concepts in the near future. Please search back over this post from time to time because I will be constantly updating it with newer and newer pics. Anyhow, talk to all of yawll soon!

The HHR Man
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