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New York Auto Show brings Surprises

This season at New York, cars are coming in all shapes and sizes. Jeep's beefing up their lineup. Cadillac is brushing up their art & science design. Nissan is getting even tougher with the new X-Terra. Acura is showing off a new RL. Everything is here at the New York Intl. Auto Show. While many automakers are missing out on introductions since everything was most likely shown in Chicago & Detroit, others aren't messing around.

Jeep promised a new tougher, clean, better Grand Cherokee. Did they succeed? Maybe. So far, they're mixed opinions about the vehicle. People hate the exterior, yet are drawn to the interior. Vice-versa. Cadillac is showing off a stylish, more powerful STS, replacement to the aging Seville. A hit? Surely, yes. Nissan wants a new X-Terra and a powerful line of refined, superior SUVs. A hit? Well, you can't be sure of everything!

People (from the ordinary) are going to be coming to the auto show. As a regular there, two exhibits are going to be packed with a lot of people. The Cadillac display, and the Hummer display. Why? They were last year, and with the H2 still popular and the Caddy XLR getting buzz, most likely they will. Other exhibits to forget about is Oldsmobile, and Saturn. These two makes aren't buzzing. They're rusting. With Olds put to pasture later this year, most of the press will have an impact on the small Olds exhibit.

You can't always predict, though. Usually, you get a lot of the press where you don't find any crowds of people wandering around saying, "Wow!" Just like the press hovering over Bob Lutz and the new LaCrosse and the press looking at the new Montego. Nobody, and I mean nobody were looking around and saying wow at the LaCrosse exhibit. Which exhibit do you expect will have the most press? The least press? The most people? The least people?

And do you expect luxury sedans or trucks and SUVs to be the in thing? or the out thing? Which automaker will have a blast at their exhibit? a bombing?

It all comes down to opening day, April 10th, where I will be taking my sides, already.. :lol:
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