Fans of the Tahoe and Yukon may have to wait an extra year for their all-new rig.

It's an open secret that The General is working on a new version of its best-selling large SUV family. Spy shots taken over the last weeks and months reveal the strong likelihood of not just new clothes but also an independent rear suspension. While the latter may impact towing ratings, it would put the big brutes on par with the excellent new Expedition from Ford. Until now, speculation centered on this new GM rig appearing for the 2020 model year.

A quick glance at the GM fleet order guide seems to reveal something different. Over the weekend, details of the 2020 Tahoe/Yukon (and their extended length brothers) appeared on the site. In it, we see broadly the same vehicle that's currently available, save for a few color options and package details.

This is worth noting since rumors abounded about the wholesale changes for this model coming online for 2020. It's always been hazy whether that referred to model or calendar year, a question which seems to now have been answered.

The vehicles on the order guide are described as 'retail and fleet', scuppering your author's initial thoughts that GM is thinking about selling both the old and new full-sizers at the same time, just like Ram is doing with their half-ton pickups. If the 2020 rigs shown here were labeled 'Tahoe Classic' or something similar, then we'd be more inclined to think that may be the case.

As it sits, the only changes listed for 2020 are the new exterior shade of Pepperdust Metallic and a pair of new option packages, called All-Season and LT Signature. The mighty 6.2L V8 remains an option on the same trims in which it was available last year. Distribution timeframes aren't given.

Will Chevrolet and GMC be waiting until model year 2021 to unveil their newly styled and (and potentially independently sprung) big SUVs? It sure seems like it, but only the crew at General Motors know for sure. Until then, you can be sure we'll be keeping our ear to the ground.

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