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New SUV on the prowl

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Hello friends... So, i am on 23 this morning and i start to pass a small caravan of Mopar. The lead vehicle is a fully cladded SUV. I whip out the trusty I Phone 6 and shoot it... NUTS!! it is in video mode and they get wise and take off. I was nearly beside it and the video looks okay. How do i isolate one frame and post it here as a photo? I Photo won't do it and neither will the Movie program on my Mac Book.

Any suggestions? This was a decent sized SUV. I wouldn't say it's big enough to be a Grand Wagoneer, but it could be a Durango replacement.
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1.) Pause video at desired time (where the SUVs are visible).
2.) Take a screenshot by hitting command, shift, and 4 all at the same time.
3.) Go to the edge of the video screen and drag the cursor so it covers the entire video/image (hold the cursor down while doing this.).
4.) Let go of the cursor.
5.) The screenshot should appear on your desktop.
6.) Upload the screenshot to a file sharing website (tinypic, imgur, etc.) or attach it on here.
7.) Post it on here.
Sounds like that Grand Wagoneer is on the prowl
What they said. ^ Sounds like it might be the Grand Wagoneer.
Any success yet on that frame grab? I'm very interested in seeing this mule.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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