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New sonic in the family

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My stepdaughter was home last week for Thanksgiving and it was time to turn her Cruze in. We ended up getting her a 2014 Sonic LT hatchback- she is a grad student (in music) and seems quite happy with the hatchback and its versatility. We got a sweet deal - and if the Sonic is as trouble free as the Cruze was she will hopefully continue to look at the GM offerings when the time comes to replace the Sonic.

I have another daughter in a Spark so have two small GM hatchbacks in the family.
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Two hatchbacks and a Sportwagon? Where do you live in Europe? ;)
I wished we had the wagon/hatchback choices that have in Europe! I kinda like them.....:)

I really like the Sonic, myself. It's a capable, versatile, and attractive car. Good choice!

What color is it?
Gray. It has been christened Earl, as in Earl Grey.
Gray. It has been christened Earl, as in Earl Grey.

I have a soft spot for red Sonics, mostly because they remind me of an Angry Bird:

It's so cute. :D
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Good pick. I drove a turbo last year and was shocked at how much fun I had in an entry-level Chevrolet.
Kewl. Congratulations. Small hatches are handy critters.
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