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New pictures of C6 from AutoWorld magazine...

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Here's some pictures I saw on Blue Oval News.

(EDITED) I deleted the pictures to avoid the embargo problem.

Looks pretty good. The wrong end, especially the grill will take a while to get used do, but it looks better than any of the artist renditions MotorTrend every made.

Need to see it in fire engine red. All cars look better in red, especially Corvettes, IMHO!


EDIT: Thanks for deleting the pictures, but the images are still linked to on that page...therefore they are posting linking to a site that is going against the embargo which GMI will not stand for. Wait a couple of days...BE PATIENT!
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I can see the XLR in it. Have 2 see it in person...right now I'm not overly sold just yet.
Very nice. It will be hard to adjust to the new look of the non-pop up lights. The front end reminds me of the Doge Viper. What do you think?
Originally posted by chevypower91@Dec 23 2003, 10:05 AM
Very nice. It will be hard to adjust to the new look of the non-pop up lights. The front end reminds me of the Doge Viper. What do you think?
I think the front looks more like a Ferrari Modena.
nice in general
but too much viper for me
I hope C6 will be one of those vehicles which you fell in love with after seeing them a few times...
I think it's obscene, overweight, and it looks terrible in white.

What a let down.
What a let down

No doubt. I don't care how fast it is, I'm not driving around in a fat guy. I guess I could get used to the attention, though, from all the people asking me if those are real lobsters, and if they can eat the lobsters.


Wow- never expected Mr. Stein to be so negative... I don't mind the new Vette-- I find it very sexy. The front is... different... it will take me a few mins to get used to, but the rest of the car is uber-fine. (IMO)
whaaaaaaaaaat you have to be kidding me!! overweight? are you serious? car is a tad over 3200lbs and they just said that it probably weighs as much as the old C5 an no real numbers have came out yet. I belive someoen reported that it was under 3200lbs. Too bad the pics arent up anymore, but the interior is awesome. I thought it wasnt gunna get DVD navigation? It also said heated leather seats. I dont see how this is a let down at all!! Some of you guys are just so afraid of change is insane. Grank, you stick up for the Aveo but you wont stick up for the Vette's looks!! Its amazing, I cant belive you!! This car looks sooo sweet! The headlights look good too. I like the new C6. The headlights are different, but very nice IMO. I dont find this a disapointment at all!! It took the nice lines of the C5 and made it better. Enuff of the viper, mazda look alike stuff!! ITS A VETTE!!
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Guys! Ghrank is talking about THIS overweight, obscene thing...................
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Pringle and Big Al: sorry, no lobster for you.

I just hope I'm not the only one who went -there- looking for 'Vette pictures, only to be shocked (not offended, mind you) with that most non-Corvette of all possible images.

As for my actual thoughts on the C6, I'm all for it. Simmons had some interesting thoughts on it "missing something," but not being able to put a finger on it. The fixed headlights are part of it, but what I think is just as disorienting from the Corvette's identity is the singular lower grille that none of us really expected to see. All in all, I think the decision to re-style this car, vs. the original C6 styling, was a very good one. I'll take it a step further, in that the original C6 was a combination of weird and bland that really could have been an embarassment to GM.

I agree with Big Al, in that noone will mistake the C6 for a Viper, a Ferrari, or anything other than a Vette.

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oh- I got it Ghrank-- I saw the dirty chef too, but I ended up finding the pics through that post.
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