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New Mercedes 4-Cylinder Diesel Engine

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Mercedes is on a quest to deliver greater power, economy and cleanliness with fewer cylinders. Today the German marque has taken another step forward with their new 2.1 liter CDI diesel engine, producing 204 hp with 500 Nm of torque while consuming just 5.4 liters per 100 km.
Mercedes celebrates the 150th anniversary of Rudolf Diesel's birthday, and what better way to honor the man who invented the diesel engine in 1893, six years after Daimler and Benz invented the automobile, then with a new engine. Rudolph Diesel died in 1913 and the first diesel engine made its world debut in 1936 as the legendary 260 D.
The new diesel, which will be known as the 200 CDI, 220 CDI and 250 CDI has 2143 cubic centimeters of displacement and is capable of producing 150 kW / 204 hp of power with 500 Nm of torque in its most potent level. Thats 20% more power and 25% more torque than the outgoing engine. CO2 emissions are also cut by up to 13% which ensures that the engine is Euro5 emissions standard approved already.
The new engine will debut in 2008 in the C-Class, can be installed transversely and longitudinally, is expected to power all-wheel-drive cars and of course BlueTec technology can be supplemented too. This engine will scream from 0 to 100km/h in 7.7 seconds if placed in a C-Class saloon by fully deploying its two turbochargers. The two-stage turbocharging should take care of the notorious 'turbo-lag' on a single turbocharged engines.

500Nm = 369lbf ft
5.4l/100km (EU mix) = 43.5mpg (US)
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Now if only the price of diesel in the US could drop from its current $4.00 per gallon and higher.
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