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anyone catch those new gto tv commercials? pretty cool!!

in case they arent showing in your area..
1. black gto in dead of nite on empty street stops at green light.. waits, waits.. they show off front angle, rear angle and even close up of exhaust with that sweet v8 sound.. then back to showing that guy is still parked at light waits thru green, red, just as another car pulls next to it.. then it turns green.. screen goez black, all you hear is the cars taking off as green light turns.. says "gto..worth the wait"

2.3 car garage, one door opens.. shows off grand prix gtp, mentions hp #'s.. then garage door on opposite side opens up.. shows bonneville comp g..(i think).. then center door opens..but its empty.. gto drives up does a turn (not sure what its called but same kind of turn SSr did in the car carrier commercial) then backs up into garage.
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