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New GM Credit Card Commercial

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Has anybody seen the new commercial for the GM Credit Card where the guy is walking down the street and everywhere he goes he keeps getting followed by GM vehicles? Towards the end of this commercial he is walking in front of a building with an open space and you see a dark colored car descending in a lift inside of the open space. This car isn't shown for very long but looks like it's got a design on the front grille area that's kind of like a "=W=" or if you know the band Weezer, it's like their winged-W logo. Has anybody seen this commercial or know what car this would be? It's really been bugging me.
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I thought that was odd as well. I thought it was the SSR, maybe it was the Cruiser's competition?
I was thinking SSR as well, but wasn't sure. Maybe a future concept?
It's an SSR, I'd put money down on that. If I had to bet, I'd say it's the Sig. Edition, or could it be a "Woodward" (sp?) edition?

Have a friend that got to drive the one that Caesar's Glory of Rome is giving away. :mf_boff: I hate him now...:D
I wonder if gm has the commercial online? Isn't there an HHR or something? Hopefully Lutz is making an SPO version of it.
I thought the HHR wasn't far enough along yet to be featured in a commercial?
Haven't heard of the HHR, what's this?
PT Cruiser's competition that is/was supposedly in the works.
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