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New G6 coupe roof & sunroof creaking/rattling

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I just bought a new '08 G6 GT coupe on the 30th, and am still under 500 miles, yet it's been a bit noisy...and not in a good way. Drove both an '08 GT coupe and an '08 GXP coupe before and gave each a thorough workout, with zero noises or weird vibes.

Then there's mine. When I first checked it out (after it was dealer traded, but not prepped yet) I heard a very faint creaking in the roof. It has the standard sunroof. From that first day with 150 miles, and after a week of driving, there's a horribly loud creaking and rattling coming from the roof non-stop. Seems like it's from the rear of the sunroof back, like something in the mechanism up there. Straight, smooth road mostly nothing except for the occasional click but bumps or especially any turning, even on smooth, you just hear loud creaking and clunking from above-->back.

Doesn't matter if the shade or roof are closed or open. I've read about Saturn Aura's with the same sunroof assembly having rattle problems because of bad sunshades, but not much of anything from G6 people with the regular roof.

Took it at 8am and was treated like royalty as always and got a call around 10:15 that it was done. They said they drove it around and noticed something was wrong with the cables--I'm assuming there's cables in the sunroof mechanism--that weren't right and would rattle when the car was in motion. Adjusted those, and quiet as a mouse.

I was pleased as punch. Drove back to work and zip, zilch, nothing--wonderful. Started driving home tonight and all was well again, including over the few bumps and expansion joints, then I get within 2 miles of home and hear a slight clicking again. Drive off from the last stop light and...creak, clunk, creeaaak, clunk, clunk, rattle. It re-appeared! It went from loud to silent and they were pretty sure they got it, so now I'm baffled how it started again.

Ugh. The first week and a half with the car has been great, just for try #2 as soon as they can.

Any tech's ever have anything similar on a regular sunroof in an Epsilon? What could the cables be they adjusted (after taking the headliner down), and if that worked...any clue why a few hours later after a drive, it just suddenly started again?
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Is this a regular sunroof or the panoramic roof?
It's a coupe with the regular, small sunroof which is why it's weird. The Panoramic thing had a boatload of issues, but this is just bizarre.

Basically just always creaking and rattling from above. Doesn't matter what's open or closed, and today they truthfully did silence it 100% by adjusting whatever cables they said were in there. All until I get 2 miles from home, and it randomly starts up again.
Well hopefully the dealer will be able to get this issue taken care of.The panoramic roofs have been horrible.
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