Chevrolet says that changes to EPA rules won't change its fuel economy strategy.

The EPA said earlier this month that it was going to roll back previous emissions rules that meant automakers needed to improve fuel economy significantly by 2025. There are new standards coming, but they are expected to be less strict than the old ones. But that doesn't mean that automakers are going to go back to gas-guzzling dinosaurs.

Motor Trend reports that Steve Majoros, head of cars and crossovers for Chevy, said that the company plans to keep on its current course. It's a long quote, but it's worth the read.

"The commitments that we've made and the statements that we've made about our future portfolio remain. You know, we're very proud of all the things we've done from a fuel efficiency standpoint. Whether it's increased fuel efficiency, you know, stop/start technology, more transmissions, lightweighting, diesels, all the things we're doing are just one part of a broader commitment that we've got. Nothing's going to change based on that. We've got future plans. If you look at things like Equinox, the latest products we've brought out, our fuel economy's going up anywhere from three to five miles per gallon whether it's highway, city, combined. So we have a number of things in place to make sure that we continue on that journey, and nothing's going to change fundamentally from that," Majoros said.

While GM was one of the automakers lobbying for different emissions rules last year, Motor Trend reminds that GM was looking for a credit for start/stop systems and not having power plant emissions count toward EV economy, not asking for a rollback.

Even with cheap gas, fuel economy is important to buyers of not just green superminis but Silverados and Suburbans. Resting on gas-guzzling laurels could put GM behind when it comes to what buyers want. Especially the next time fuel prices spike.

[source: Motor Trend]