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I was at the Dayton Auto show yesterday, 3-28-08 and saw this interesting car on display. The person representing it said with delight it was the new Chevy SS concept. I asked where is the New Camaro.

This person said well it was supposed to be here but instead they wanted to show this new concept. I said that's not new, as I proceeded to inform this individual that the Chevy SS concept is just over 5 years old and will not see the production light of day. And get this they had a guard posted to "protect" the concept, from what a pummeling?

Ok GM, whose idea was it to substitute the to-be-in-production Camaro with this old dusty concept? I know the Dayton auto is not a premier show event but never the less, the Camaro was advertised to be displayed and well Paul Harvey, you know the rest of the story.

Seeing the new Camaro in person, that was the only reason I went to the DAS
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