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New Chevrolet EV Truck Sketch

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Looks like there is more design work for the (rumored) 30K EV truck.

This looks like a small extended cab truck ev that could slot below the upcoming Chevrolet Colorado EV.

GM Design Studio

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Grille

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tire
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Definitely an EV with the non-grill. Maverick sized?
That thing looks about as practical as the hummer ev.

What truck owner would want a chopped roof, why can't these designers live in reality-ville with the rest of us and give us designs that would actually work in the real world? Gm would never in a trillion freaking years build anything even remotely close to this so why even waste the time drafting it?
It's a concept drawing meant to illicit the "emotion" of the vehicle, not a photo-realistic depiction of the production vehicle. It's sort of like "here's what we're going for aesthetically" not "here's what the real-world, on the dealer lot or in your driveway truck will look like". Only Tesla would design and (allegedly) build something that looks like a 4th grader drew it.

P.S: Who buys a Hummer for its practicality? They buy it because they can.
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