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Need a sub $500 car for 24 hours of Lemons

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I'd love to enter the 24 hours of Lemons this year with some friends, so were hunting down cars. Preferably anything RWD, and stick over auto, but more importantly tough and reliable. Gotta atleast have a solid engine and trans, the body and interior can be in hell, doesn't matter to a $500 "race car" :p:

I'm out in Cypress, TX (north west of Houston). Cheaper you can let it go, the better. We only have a $500 limit for the car and any performance bits (safety items like the roll cage, brakes, tires are not on the budget).
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Stick-shift + RWD will usually mean it's a desirable car (or, at least, a rare car). Finding one for a few hundred bucks will be very difficult.

So, you're really set on destroying an older, rust-free Texas domestic RWD car?

Demolition derbys should be banned in the Sun Belt. What a waste! Or at least it should be mandatory to import older Northern vehicles.
Oh, I just clicked on the link. I take that back. ^
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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