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Boy I'm happy I discovered this community :)

I'm hoping someone can help me with a transmission problem on a '92 Cutlass Ciera 3.3L V6.

Initially the problem started as typical hard shifting. Now it's like the transmission is "delaying" getting into second gear, and when it does get into gear it happens in a rough manner. Simply put, when the vehicle is in complete stop and then you accelerate, right as the engine is about to go to second gear the RPM will go up just a little and then it will shift to second gear but in a rough way. No mechanical noise or anything just a very hard shift.

It only happens when the engine is warm. When the engine is cold the transmission works perfectly and no hard shifting or delaying occurs. Furthermore the rest of the gears work fine, including the overdrive. I have no problems at all going into reverse or forward or to 1 or 2. All of them work perfectly even in the winter when sometimes but not often the car is outside overnight. The transmission fluid is fine. I've had my mechanic have a look and he's baffled. On one hand there is the hard shifting and delaying. On second hand technically nothing is wrong with the transmission because it shifts and all the gears work.

I did a transmission fluid flush and added that special Lucas transmission formula and none of these corrected the problem.

Any advice?
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