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My & Your Ideal Lincoln Lineup 2.0​

Feedback, Thoughts Wanted!

One of the most fun and potential-filled lineups to play with I think, here's Lincoln!

MKZ $35,900-$53,000
Platform: CD3
Engine: 325 HP 3.7L, 400 HP EcoBoost 3.7L, 2.5L/Electric Hybrid
The concept MKZ pretty much as-is. Very well equipped with tremendous quality. Optional AWD, S model, which gets the 3.7L EcoBoost standard, receives standard AWD. Non-S model with the EcoBoost engine also receives AWD standard. Select the optional AAS - for Automatically Adjusting Suspension - will let the car read the road more than 4,000 times a second to offer flat handling and a very comfortable ride.

MKS $51,995-$82,450
Platform: Tiger
Engine: 325 HP 3.7L, 400 HP EcoBoost 3.7L, 470 HP 5.2L Regency V8, 3.7L/electric hybrid
In the second generation, it switches to rear-drive, an all-new full-size rear-drive platform called the Tiger, and takes on the MKR design inside and out. Loaded up with features, this car takes on the best Europe has to offer, with the S version available in both EcoBoost and V8 form with a sport-oriented tuning of the steering, transmission, and suspension. More heavily-bolstered seats, summer tires, and slightly more aggressive ground-effects help round out the sportier intent of the S-model. Enjoy features including the AAS automatically adjusting suspension, eight-speed transmission, and heated/cooled/massaging leather seats throughout. The 5.2L V8 is a Lincoln-specific engine. Standard AWD.

MKR $95,998-$143,250
Platform: Omega/LWB Omega
Engine: 400 HP EcoBoost 3.7L, 470 HP 5.2L Regency V8, 560 HP EcoBoost 5.2L Regency V8, 3.7L EcoBoost/electric hybrid
Based on the all-new RWD/AWD Omega platform specifically for the MKR. The MKR takes Lincolns design language to a new level. Essentially replacing the Town Car as the top-rung Lincoln luxury sedan, the MKR kicks in with 122.5" of wheelbase on the standard model, while the L version rings in at a whopping 128". This luxury sedan offers apologetically classic Lincoln/American design, one that stands out and replaces the Mercedes as the show-off car valets favor parking at the front. Loaded up with goodies and power, this sedan offers four ultra-comfortable seats with room to spread out. Kick back with power reclining rear seats while your legs stretch out with the power legrests. All seats are heated, cooled, and massaging. The MyLincoln system in the MKR doubles as a 4G wifi hotspot, while television can be streamed in. Movies and music can be saved to enjoy in the 500 gig built-in hard drive. MultiDisplay allows the driver to view the navigation and other driver-centric information, while the front passenger can enjoy the entertainment of a DVD. And so much more! Standard AWD.

Continental $285,998 +
Platform: L1
Engine: 560 HP EcoBoost 5.2L Regency V8, 680 HP EcoBoost 6.0L Regency V8 3.7L EcoBoost/electric hybrid
This massive luxury vehicle is offered in four-seat sedan, coupe, and convertible that will target the likes of Rolls Royce and Bentley and giving Lincoln a true halo vehicle to help set the standard of Lincoln luxury.

MKX $44,995-$67,495
Platform: CD3
Engine: 325 HP 3.7L, 400 HP EcoBoost 3.7L, 2.5L/Electric Hybrid
The MKX receives a major make-over, heavily differentiating itself in style from its lesser Ford sibling. And loaded with standard AWD, powerful V6's, a hybrid, top-notch interior quality, and plenty of features, there's no doubt about it - this Lincoln helps set the tone for its segment with adjustable suspension, heated/cooled seats in all rows, and an eight-speed transmission. Targets Q5 with joy. Standard AWD.

MKT $51,495-$78,995
Platform: LWB D3
Engine: 325 HP 3.7L, 400 HP EcoBoost 3.7L, 470 HP 5.2L Regency V8, 3.7L/electric hybrid
With its MCE, its exterior gets more Lincoln graceful and stretched slightly. The interior, meanwhile, gets a complete rework as it shoots to the front of the class in quality and material. While more expensive than its direct competitors, it offers higher quality and more features, both standard and optional. Enjoy features including the AAS automatically adjusting suspension, eight-speed transmission, and heated/cooled/massaging leather seats throughout. Targets the likes of the Q7 with ease. Standard AWD.

Navigator $77,495-$98,995
Platform: T2
Engine: 470 HP 5.2L, 5.2L Regency V8/electric hybrid
The Navigator gets a complete rework inside and out, receiving truly Lincoln design and quality and being heavily differentiated from the Ford version in design, features, ride, and engine. Based on the all-new T2 full-size truck & SUV platform. Graceful yet bold, this newly revitalized luxury SUV has the Escalade and other full-size luxury SUV's squarely in its target. And when you have such features as standard continually adjusting suspension, auto-leveling headlights, radar-based cruise, and MyLincoln infotainment center, while 470 horsepower does the hard work, you have the basis for a top-notch competitor. Standard four-wheel-drive.

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MKC- New small, urban Lincoln based on the 2012 Focus' platform. Thoroughly re-engineered for NVH and tuned for hints of sport but great comfort and luxury; sized like an A4. Standard models for $27-28,000 would have lots of standard equipment and a 1.6T EcoBoost with at least 200 hp/200 lb-ft and aim for high-30s on the highway with a 6-speed automatic. The PGT (not necessarily what the sportier Lincolns would actually be named) would feature a 2.0T from the Focus ST good for a bit of extra power at 260 hp. An advanced AWD system would be optional on standard 1.6T models but standard on the 2.0T. the 2.0T would sticker for about $34,000 with a few thousand left in options.

MKS- Heavily facelifted version of the current car (ignoring the actual 2013 design). New and more aggressive front clip would give it a more distinct and edgier look. A heavily revised interior would stress material quality and design with a classy elegance and additional features and options that the Taurus does not offer (at the present, the MKS isn't enough of a design, quality, or technology improvement inside to justify itself to many customers). The black lower cladding and many other blacked out exterior bits would become body-color. The new 3.7L (305 hp/280 lb-ft) would replace the existing 3.7L, and the EcoBoost would get at least 20 hp over what the SHO can offer. The AWD system becomes an advanced one with torque vectoring and a rear bias. The "PGT" would replace the EcoBoost as the top trim with a more grand touring nature. Other upgrades from the actual 2013 car such as the drive select and such would be included.

MKT- Heavily facelifted version of the current CUV. Iffy sales mean this should be updated early to make its styling more appealing to potential customers. Reworked front and rear clips could alleviate almost all complaints. Remove black cladding again and other blacked out parts. The newest 3.7L would replace the existing 3.7L, and the EcoBoost would be upgraded to whatever the MKS gets (20 hp over the SHO). The AWD system also moves to the advanced system. The interior is heavily revised with features and quality (and design) to push it well ahead of the Flex.

MKU- New small SUV based on the 2013 Escape. Noticably edgier and swoopier than the Escape, it'd offer the MKC's powertrains and focus on similar levels of style, NVH, luxury, and technology over its Ford bretheren.

MKZ- Completely redesigned but remains based on the Fusion. This time around Ford won’t make the mistake of not differentiating it enough. The entire exterior is separate from the Fusion and gains a swoopier, sharper, and more aggressive look than the 1G MKZ. The standard car gets the most power in its class, a 305 hp 3.7L. An advanced AWD system would be optional, and all models would have a 6-speed automatic. The specialty would be the PGT version, with better dynamics but remains very comfortable (aim is for a Bentley-like feeling of performance shrouded in comfort and luxury). It would feature standard AWD and the EcoBoost V-6. While not as capable at the track as the Buick Regal GS, it would easily be more luxurious and faster. A hybrid model would continue as well, assuming the existing MKZ Hybrid is considered a success. A major focus of the new MKZ would be the interior and technology to really set it out as a cut above the competition in luxury and available content.

Navigator- Completely redesigned, this Navigator would be aimed directly at the Infiniti QX and Cadillac Escalade Platinum in luxury and power. The new truck would be much more luxurious and gain all of the very latest premium features that Ford and Lincoln passenger cars offer. The exterior would continue to endorse the “bling bling” mantra, going for ultimate flash rather than conservative wealth. The 6.2L/6AT combo would be fitted to the Navigator as well with the EcoBoost V-6 being a potential engine somewhere as awell.


MKX- Completely redesigned but remains on the Fusion’s platform. The 3.7L/6AT combo would be standard, as would FWD with an advanced AWD option. The EcoBoost AWD package would give a newfound level of performance and attitude to the MKX lineup. Further enhancements to interior refinement and NVH would abolish any attitudes that it’s just an Edge in a tux. Like the MKZ, it would be completely separate from its Ford platform mate.



MKR- All new replacement for the MKS.* The new premium global RWD platform would be used primarily for Lincoln but also the Australian market’s Ford Falcon. The MKR would be sized much like the Falcon and would be aimed squarely at types like the Jaguar XF. Again Lincoln would stress gentlemanly luxury with performance, not an outright sport sedan with luxury trimmings (such as is pushed by BMW or Infiniti). It would be a capable performance sedan but would be a luxury sedan first and foremost. The exterior would be particularly impressive, borrowing heavily from the MKR Concept. The interior would steal some cues as well and be a model of Lincoln’s style, luxury, quality, and technology. The standard engine for the North American markets would be the 3.7L with a ~360 hp EcoBoost V-6 option to bridge the gap between the V-6 and V-8 for those that wanted additional performance without the V-8's full hit in price, fuel economy and emissions. The V-8 would be a Lincoln-tuned version of the 5.0L Coyote V-8 emphasizing a bit more torque without sacrificing power. Available sport packages with each of these engines would also include a sport exhaust that’d bring out a more emotional exhaust note. If a market existed, a highly exclusive version aimed at the Jaguar XFR could debut a performance sub-division at Lincoln. Ford already sells a supercharger kit for the 5.0L Mustangs that boosts them to 624 hp/536 lb-ft. A factory-built Lincoln super sedan packing north of 600 hp would be more than a headline-grabber. AWD would be an option for each of the three main engines. The market for a coupe version with its own body and interior could be investigated.

MKT- Completely redesigned and now based on the new MKR’s architecture, moving it upmarket a bit to give some additional breathing room to the MKX. As with many SUVs at this level, AWD would be standard, as would the 3.7L V-6. The EcoBoost could or could not be offered if demand went immediately to the V-8. Unlike the failed third row of the 1G MKT, this 2G would look to correct this error and make it one of the roomiest and most stylish, powerful, and advanced ways to transport up to three rows of people.

*The MKS could be facelifted and used more in the limousine sector if a market existed, or as a luxury car outside the norm of the lineup, i.e. Cadillac XTS or Lexus ES.

The main problem here is that the 2013 MY would be an expensive year. Usually brands don't like to roll out so much of their lineup in one year, so it could be spread out.

Edit: I forgot a halo coupe model. I'll add that later.

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I'm mostly with Amphibian, but:

1. Names names names. But don't rely on heritage too much. Don't have good suggestions.
2. Navigator goes the completely opposite direction of bling. Stay with the brand's image and capture those polarized by the Escalade. Prove to t-rex that the SUV can be classy :p:
3. MKR replaces MKZ, and spawns a larger sibling (like Jag XF to XJ) that replaces the MKS. Also, same platform replaces MKX. C segment FWD, D and up RWD, a downsized modern take on the Lexus ES/RX place in the lineup.

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My Lineup is pretty straightforward. It features 2 volume vehicles, the Zephyr and Aviator. The rest would be heritage models that call back to what made Lincoln “What a luxury car should be”. 6 models total all with their own clear direction. I would replace the MKS with the Continental and Continental Town Car. The MKT, while not on this list I would actually keep for livery only.

MKZ – Renamed Zephyr.
Price: 35,000 – 55,000
Platform: Ford Mid Size (FWD/AWD)
Body Style – 4 door Luxury Sedan
Competitors – Acura TL, Lexus ES, Buick Regal
Engines: 2.0 EcoBoost (Tuned for Lincoln producing 280 bhp), Hybrid powertrain, and 2.7 EcoBoost with 330 HP.

Price: 40,000-70,000
Platform: Mustang based with modifications to suspension such as double wishbone (RWD/AWD)
Body Style – 4 door Luxury Sport Sedan
Competitors – BMW 5 series, Cadillac CTS, Mercedes E Class
Engines: 2.0 EcoBoost (Tuned for Lincoln producing 280 bhp), 3.7 V6 with 325 HP, and LSE Exclusive 5.0 V8 with 420 HP
LSE – Performance model similar to a BMW M or a Mercedes AMG.

Mark IX
Price: 45,000-75,000
Platform: Mustang based with modifications to suspension such as double wishbone (RWD/AWD) (Based on the same thing as the LS but would have unique sheet metal and be more sleeker in styling)
Body Style – 2 door Luxury Coupe
Competitors – BMW 6 Series, Cadillac CTS Coupe, Audi A5
Engines: 2.0 EcoBoost (Tuned for Lincoln producing 280 bhp), 3.7 V6 with 325 HP, and LSE Exclusive 5.0 V8 with 420 HP
LSC – Performance model similar to a BMW M or a Mercedes AMG.

Price 60,000-90,000
Platform: GRWD (RWD/AWD)
Body Style – Full Size Luxury Sedan
Competitors – BMW 7 Series, Audi A8, Mercedes S-Class
Engines: 3.7 V6 with 325 HP, 3.5 Ecoboost with 380 hp, and Town Car Exlcusive 5.0 V8 with 420 HP
Continental Town Car – Town Car would be the long wheel base edition and feature limo like amenities in the rear.

MKX – Renamed Aviator
Price 37,000-57,000
Platform: Same (FWD/AWD)
Body Style – Mid Size Crossover 5 passenger seating
Competitors – Cadillac SRX, Lexus RX
Engines: 3.7 V6 with 305 HP, 2.7 EcoBoost with 330 HP, Hybrid powertrain

Price 55,000-85,000
Platform: New F-150 Platform (RWD/4WD)
Body Style – Full Size SUV 7-8 Passenger Seating
Competitors – Cadillac Escalade, Infiniti QX, Lexus LX
Engines: 3.5 EcoBoost (Tuned same as F-150), 5.0L V8 (Tuned same as F-150). Options open for future Hybrid deal that’s in works with Toyota.

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2. Navigator goes the completely opposite direction of bling. Stay with the brand's image and capture those polarized by the Escalade. Prove to t-rex that the SUV can be classy :p:
The Escalade was again handily the best selling SUV in its class last year, so while you're 150% right that its flash turns some off, I think it overwhelming resonates with the buyers. It's not that simple of course. I believe the average Land Cruiser or Denali owner actually has more disposable wealth, and maybe it's also because it doesn't have many great looking competitors, but I digress. Not saying you're wrong, btw. You're more than entitled to your opinion. I'm just explaining my logic. As for the SUV thing, I saw that but I reject that notion personally. :)

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MK-series... Mostly based off Ford, FWD platforms. MK-series would have modern, sleek designs (similar to the new MKZ concept). Emphasizes technology, "sensible luxury", etc. For the younger, less affluent customers
MK-A --- compact Focus-based Lincoln
MK-Z --- midsize Fusion-based
MK-S --- fullsize Taurus-based (This could possibly be axed for the Continental IMO)
MK-C --- compact, Escape-based CUV
MK-X --- midsize, Edge-based CUV
MK-e --- electric Lincoln? :)

Signature Series... all based on RWD platforms besides the Aviator, with "classic" Lincoln styling. These are Lincolns flagship vehicles that have more squared off designs than the MKs flowing, rounded off look. Emphasis on ultimate luxury and comfort like the Lincolns of the past.
Aviator -- midsize, Explorer-based SUV
Navigator -- fullsize, Expedition-based SUV
Mark IX -- comeback of the Mark coupes
Continental -- Lincoln's flagship, ultra-luxury sedan

Update this for the Mark IX

Update this for the Continental

All Lincolns would take advantage of technology such as ecoBoost, 8-speed transmissions, all wheel drive, retractable glass roofs, and completely unique designs from their Ford counterparts (if it has one).

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Lincoln Sedans:
1) All Lincoln sedans would feature exterior designs inspired by the MKR Concept minus the ridiculously oversized grille.
2) All Lincoln sedans would feature a "Mark-Roman Numeral" model designation. The larger the roman numeral, the larger the sedan.
3) The split wing grille theme would remain, but it would be smaller and more refined. Unlike the recent MKZ Concept, the grille would retain vertical grille elements.

Lincoln Sedan Lineup:
* Mark III: Compact premium sedan built on a stretched version of FoMoCo's C platform. The Mark III sedan would measure about 184 inches long, 72 inches wide, 58 inches high, and sit on a 107 inch wheelbase.
* Mark VII: Midsize premium sedan. Basically, the production version of the recent MKZ Concept.
* Mark XI: Large premium flagship sedan built on FoMoCo's D4 platform. The Mark XI sedan would measure about 204 inches long, 78 inches wide, 59 inches high, and sit on a 120 inch wheelbase.

Lincoln Crossovers:
1) All Lincoln crossover exterior designs would feature a refined and tailored take on traditional SUV styling, sort of similar to the current Jeep Grand Cherokee except that it would look undeniably like a Lincoln.
2) All Lincoln crossovers would feature actual model names.
3) The grille theme for Lincoln's crossovers would be an updated and more modern take of the grille featured on the 1st gen Navigator.

Lincoln Crossover Lineup:
* Mariner: Compact premium crossover built on FoMoCo's C platform.
* Aviator: Midsize premium crossover built on the Fusion/Mark VII midsize platform.
* Navigator: Large premium flagship crossover built on FoMoCo's D4 platform. This new gen Navigator would replace the current Expedition based Navigator SUV and the current MKT crossover.

1) The Mercury brand would be resurrected for a pair of slightly upmarket RWD sport sedans based on the next gen Mustang platform.
2) Mercury's overall styling language would be sleeker, curvier, and sportier than Lincoln's styling language.
3) Mercury's traditional waterfall grille would be history. The brand would feature an entirely new "face". The Mercury badge would return intact, however.

Mercury Sedan Lineup:
* XR4: Compact sport sedan built on the next gen Mustang platform.
* XR7: Midsize sport sedan built on a stretched version of the next gen Mustang platform. The XR7 would share this stretched version of the next gen Mustang platform with a new gen 4 seat midsize Ford Thunderbird coupe.

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from Mission:LINCOLN! @ FiN
all chops 'cept 2nd Z are pre-NAIAS
• mkE
- Focus wlb based coupe & Grand C-Max wlb based sedan

$33-48k; personalized/custom-program $43-55k

• mkG - Kuga-based, same drivetrains as the mkZ

$36-50k; personalized/custom-program $46-58k

• mkZ - new platform (old chop / new chop)

$40-52k; personalized/custom-program $49-60k

• mkX - more differentiation from the Edge on the new platform
$40-53k; personalized/custom-program $49-60k

• Aviator - Explorer co-platformed**
(my choice: Hummer-ish styling)(includes 5.0v8 option)
$44-60k; personalized/custom-program $53-68k

• mkS - current/temporary, to be replaced size-wise with Continental

_ mkS - F-Awd TC replacement, based on MKT's longer wlb

$44-59k; personalized/custom-program $53-68k

• mkT - restyled with more formality or mainly fleet or deleted**

$45-60k; personalized/custom-program $54-69k

• Zodiac
- Mustang co-platformed coupecabrio & sportsedan

$50-69k; personalized/custom-program $60-89k

• Continental & Constellation - GRwdP flagship sedan & swoopy '4-door-coupe'

(more versions in post#37)
$60-75k; personalized/custom-program $70-99k

• Navigator - based on nextgen lighter F-150**
(not sure if the Lincoln suspension is feasible therefor lower $ than Conti)
$55-70k; personalized/custom-program $65-95k

( approx. horsepower, all the above Rwd's offer (some/most of):
2.7Hybrid 260hp -- 2.7EB 350hp -- 3.7v6 300hp -- 3.5EB 400hp -- 5.0v8 400hp -- 5.0Hybrid 400hp -- 5.0EB 600hp )

**recent thought:
Could a Suv based on the Falcon-derived GRwdP
REPLACE the Navigator+MKT+not.yet.confirmed-Aviator?
...possibly with 'regular' & extended versions?
...& definitely NOT suggest any equivalent Ford versions!

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Some of his work on those Lincoln chops is excellent IMO. Especially given what there is to work with using Lincoln's design language. He has some good ideas that should be implemented by Ford for Lincoln. :yup:

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here's a quickie Lincoln coupe-cabrio based on a recent Mustang chop

tried to do a 4-door sedan version, which totally sucked but
yielded this toned-down front end

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So just about everyone here wants RWD, except that Ford themselves have made no mention of it for the Lincoln range. It's a shame really but there's nothing wrong with dreaming I suppose.
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