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*NOTE* I've been asked to no longer post My Ideal **** Lineup threads and Your Ideal **** Threads as seprate ones, and those that no one has posted their lineups in have been deleted. Thus, I am now combining some of these threads where only one remains.
Post your ideal lineup in here!

Alright, well, Pupp1 reminded me of one of the brands I have forgotten about... DAEWOO! After all, this brand HAS helped GM out alot lately... so why did I forget them? I donno... but here it is!

Kalos - $6,000-$9,500
The Chevy Aveo, as is. Offer hybrid, diesel (for all markets), and more fuel-efficient 4-cyl. engines. For European and Asian markets, not NA though.

Lacetti - $10,000-$14,000
Update styling a little bit. Offer in coupe (Lacetti 3), sedan (Lacetti), and 5-dr hatch (Lacetti 5). Offer fuel-efficient engines, and more comfy (non-sporty) ride, optional hybrid. For American and Asian markets.

Magnus - $14,000-$23,000
All-new design that is sophisticated yet sporty. Not bland. Aggressive for a Korean design. FWD, optional AWD. Offer V6 only ranging from 200 hp to 245 hp. A BMW-type ride (sporty, but still comfortable). For NA, European, and Asian markets. Offered in coupe (Magnus 3), sedan (Magnus), and 5-dr hatch (Magus 5), as well as a 'luxury' version called the Magnus Emissary, which offered everything standard, including the 245 hp V6, 6-disc changer, 8-speaker sound system, heated/cooled leather, heated mirrors, and much more for $24,000.

Matiz - $8,000-$11,000
Matiz II as-is. Option of hybrid, diesel, or fuel-efficient 4. A soft ride. For NA, European, and Asian markets.

Rezzo - $13,000-$18,000
All-new design that is sleek, sexy, and sporty. Very much an attention-getter. To go against the Mazda 5 and Mercedes B-class. Sporty suspension, room for 5, manual tranny standard. Priced to undercut its competition while offering more standard features such as 6-disc changer, MP3 capabilities, and two 6" plasma screen, as well as swival chairs that can be removed. Targets teens and college students who want something cool, versital, nothing large, and something that wont cost them a ton.

Engines Employed:

Duratec 8100's: 0
Mightytec 1600's: 2

Vortec 8200's: 0

Northstar 4.4's: 0
Northstar 4.8's: 0
Northstar 5.3's: 0
Northstar 5.7's: 0
LS2's: 0
LS7's: 0
LS9's: 0
350 (5.7)'s: 0
5.3's: 0

Aluminum DOHC 3.4's:: 1
Aluminum DOHC 3.6's:: 1
Aluminum DOHC 3.8's:: 0
Aluminum Cam-In-Block 3.0's: 0
Aluminum Cam-In-Block 3.4's: 0
Aluminum Cam-In-Block 3.6's: 0
Aluminum Cam-In-Block 3.8's: 0
Aluminum Cam-In-Block 3.9's: 0

Ecotec 1.8's: 2
R-tec 2.0's: 1
R-tec 2.2's: 1
R-tec 2.4's: 1
RoTech 2.4's: 0

Platforms Employed:

Kappa's: 0
Delta II's: 4
Epsilon II's: 1
Zeta's: 0
GMT900's: 0
GMT350's: 0
Theta's: 0
Lambda's: 0

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Re: My Ideal Daewoo Lineup!

Sounds good. Any chance of a Daewoo SUV that Chevy was to get? The S3X looks nice, though I wish it had a Daewoo badge instead.

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Re: My Ideal Daewoo Lineup!

After all the research I have done, I could not have done any better.
Very good American Revolution.I agree with this 100%.:clap:

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Re: My Ideal Daewoo Lineup!

driverblogger said:
Sounds good. Any chance of a Daewoo SUV that Chevy was to get? The S3X looks nice, though I wish it had a Daewoo badge instead.
The SEX... err, I mean S3X :laugh: ... I would prefer being a Chevy... HOWEVER, I think I might consider basing a Daewoo off of that concept (completely diff design, but based on the skateboard platform)

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Just Get rid of Daewoo at once. They are Rubbish!

I Would say, to Kill Daewoo because it's not a Good Manufacturer, but there are Idiots in the world and even though, they are Lazy to use the Brain, they are also sons of God.
That might explain why Kia is selling so well, Kia drivers are Losers!

Not to mention, those who just don't bother about cars and generally just buys a car, because it looks good or become tempted with the Price and even forget to do a Test-Drive.
The so-called YUGO BUYER. The one who just looks to the Price Tag and says: "That's the One I Will buy".

And finally, the school college folks who just don't want to spend the money, on a used Honda Civic or a tatty Volkswagen Golf and wants to buy a Brand new car priced, just as Cheap as a Ham Sandwhich.
The one who says: "Better off with a crappy Cheap Hyundai with a 5 Year warranty to back me up when things go wrong."

And worse than that: THEY ALSO GIVE OPINIONS ABOUT THE CARS THEY ARE DRIVING. That might explain why Hyundai ranked so well at latest Reliability Surveys.
If Yugo have sold their cars with a 5 Year Warranty, then they would rank well in J.D Power as well.

So, for all that reasons, I will not say to Kill Daewoo, but if they are going to die, than I would not say to save it.

On a Fair Consolation, I agree that the Daewoo Lacetti and Daewoo Magnus are OK.

But the Daewoo Rezzo is a Complete Piece of Crap. It's not a Real People Carrier, because it carries only 5 Passengers, but it costs the same as an European People Carrier, and even if it was supposed to be a People Carrier, than it has o be the worst MPV ever made.

The Daewoo Kalos...I am surprised that the Chevrolet Aveo is getting good press in America. In Britain the Kalos has been very slated, actually all Daewoos has been slated...

And Finally the AWFUL Daewoo Matiz. If God created **** than the Koreans were Cruel to give wheels, engine, seats, etc...and called it as the "Daewoo Matiz".

I Saw many Americans saying: "Oh that should be Fun to drive" when they looked to the Matiz.

Well, unless you think, being blow by gust from a Truck on the Motorway, it's something to have a great fun with your trousers on, than this the thing for your.

Otherwise, you end up with a Large some of Poop on your Underwear.

For now, I will not give my opinion. Because I am still traumatized with a Woeful experience I had with a Kia Rio which I hired in February, and that thing spent more of the time on the Garage not to mention, it was appalling to drive and look at it.

So, I am a bit Pissed off with Korean Cars.

That's why I will not give my Opinion, of how Daewoo should be.

Well...Yes, I will give *since I am Pissed off with Korean Cars* :mad: Just KILL THEM AWAY!


That's all...

Best Wishes. :)

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Someone doesn't like Korean cars... hehe

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AmericanRevolution said:
Someone doesn't like Korean cars... hehe
Well, you may notice that, reading my Signature. :D

I really don't like Korean Cars, because they are just so Dull.

Korean makes car as Provincial Tearooms make sandwiches.

Just to satisfy the among, of undiscerning and bored souls, who are just hungry and don't care if the meat is from the worst quality as possible, as long the sandwhich is cheap.

Another thing, that really bothers me about Korean Cars, it's the name of certain cars.

Hyundai Accent, Have you ever heard more stupid name than this?! The car is so bad, that it should be called, as the "Hyundai ACCIDENT".

Kia Opirus...Separate the "O" from "Pirus" and translate it to Vulgar Portuguese, and then you will have the Kia "The D!ck".

No to mention, the way how some Korean Cars look:

The Kia Amanti, a Lame attempt to make a Look-Like from the Mercedes-Benz E-Class mixed with Jaguar S-Type.

The result may cause Nightmares :faint: and Vomits :barf: .

Korean cars are just like Karaoke. What the West does, they also will copy at the worst way possible.

Even so...I should have a soft spot for the Daewoo Statesman. That's a Really Good Looking Daewoo and it's Promissing on the parer and it seems to be promising in flesh.

But since it's a Holden Caprice, that is also sold in Middle East as Chevrolet Caprice and in China as Buick Royaum, so why, would you rather have it with a crappy Daewoo badge?

Same thing goes for the Ssangyong Chairman. It's based on the Mercedes E-Class W210. Looks promissing on the paper and flesh, Not every Korean car is that impressive as this one.

Looks good and it might be a Fine car. But Why I would pay so cheap to have a Mercedes with a Crappy Badge? Buying a Merc with a Gyong badge, is like buying a BMW with a Lada badge.

So we ended up with the Hyundai Coupe (Hyundai Tiburon). Very Nice Looking, the name is a bit silly, but apart from that is Not a Bad Little Sport Coupe; Performance is a bit ordinary though, but it's cheap and got a 5 year warranty.

So it has a Hyundai badge, so this might be the only Hyundai you would want to buy. But then you would have to Admit, you want to buy one.

It's not cool, because apart of the looks, the other reason why you would buy one, it's because it's extremely cheap and got a 5 Year warranty.

But worse than that, is the fact It is a Hyundai. A giant Korean corporation which is interested about making money rather than good cars.

That explain, why they are cheap and got 5 Year warranty, but what's the point if the car is pathetic?

I'm not saying the Tiburon, but I'm saying your average BORING Hyundai Elantra, which let's face it: You certainly bought it because, it was cheap and you couldn't afford a Volkswagen Jetta.

Don't come to me saying: "Oh I wanted to look different among the Japanese crowd."

Oh Really? Than why didn't you buy a Chevrolet Cobalt? It's American you know, than it would be a different choice than a Japanese car.

Back to the Coupe/Tiburon...

Apart of the "Coolness" factor, still is a Recommended car, because it's nice to drive and worth what it costs.

But then we get to another problem:

Don't think, they are cheap to buy because they are cheap to make, because guess what:

Korean labors are payed exactly the same as European labors.

So, that means that spare parts will be surprisingly more expensive than you would thought.


Korean cars may be cheap to buy, but there are much better choices around, which may costs almost as the same, so the Koreans will have to crawl a long way to find a Buyer.

And then you have the reliability. I'm very surprised that Hyundai ranked in 7th Place at the lastest J.D Power Survey.

I Might suspect, that the only reason why Hyundai, jumped from 16th to 7th it's because, all Hyundais have a 5 Year Warranty, and I have to be honest:

I Friend of mine, recently got a Hyundai Sonata as a Company Car, and in 45 Days, his Car spent most of the time at the dealer.

He says, the thing he really Liked about the car are:

It's a Free Car and the company pay for all his maintenance.

And it has a 5 Year warranty, costs only £15.000.

Otherwise is an Unreliable Rubbish Car with a worthless 5 year warranty and dreadful dealers, and he is thankful to have a Nissan Primera as a private car.

So, I guess if Yugo have sold their cars with a 60 Month warranty, than Yugo would easily beat Honda as the Reliability King.

Koreans can't build a car properly, because they are probably too busy, hunting and killing a poor Innocent dog, to have for dinner...Oh Dear... :eek:

Best Wishes. :)

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OK, why Daewoo? Daewoo is dead! Today, Daewoo is basically Chevrolet aside from USA.

Why don't we post our ideal Geo and Asuna lineups?
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