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I recently had the "permanent" fix done to the fuel rail and injectors on my '99 Yukon. Three days later I'm climbing a steep grade (241 toll road from the 91 if you are in So.Cal.). Check engine light comes on and the motor stumbles (misfires) for a bit. I take it right back to the dealer thinking it's the same problem. Now he tells me that since toll roads are not federally regulated the grade was too steep. The steep grade caused a defect in the motor to show itself. He says that any time I’m climbing with 75% throttle, 3000RPM or higher an exhaust valve will stick open causing a misfire and check engine light(didn’t know truck motors weren’t built to climb hills). So, the prognosis is a sticking exhaust valve guide (supposedly a known problem with the Vortec) which occurs between 20K and 100K miles. Fix is a $1200 valve job. Amazing. I called GMC and they offered to cover the work after a $200 deductible which I will gladly pay.

Has anyone else had this problem fixed?

Does this seem a bit fishy?

Should I trust this motor after the GM Dealer mechanic gets done tearing off my heads and putting them back together?

Should I retire this Vortec before I loose a tranny, have a leaking head gasket, and any other weaknesses in the Vortec series motor start showing up?

Maybe it’s time upgrade to that new suburban?

Confused – A devoted GM owner.

Thanks - Steve
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