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Originally posted by SoCalYukon@Jan 29 2004, 11:56 AM
Maybe it’s time upgrade to that new suburban?
Considering its almost time for 2005 models, your Yukon is almost 6 years old. But still, it should have lasted longer...

If I was you and in the market for a new GM SUV, I'd consider taking a test drive in a long wheelbase Envoy / Rainier / Ascender. I test drove one recently and they are solid, sweet vehicles, even with only the thriftier Inline 6. I hate the interior of the Trailblazer, so I won't rec. that one. If I had the dough, I'd get an Ascender with that 5 year warranty that will be honored by GM. Right now I'm sure you'd be loving a 5 year warranty.

Or keep your Yukon, and trade it in NEXT summer for a new Suburban, when the redesigned 2006 model vehicles hit.
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