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Yesterday I was in the back parking lot at work helping some of the guys fix another employees car. I looked up and noticed that there was a rather large semi parked in the street and there were some cars in the covered trailer. It took me only a moment to realize that the car was the new Dodge Magnum.

This car will hit the dealers in a couple of weeks so I walked up to the trailer and talked to the driver for a moment. He seemed friendly enough and let me look around a bit.

Pic of truck with Magnum in front:

While drooling over the car, I turned my head and looked at the front of the trailer. To my surprise I instantly recognized what will be the 2005-06 Jeep Grand Cherokee! It even had panels on it to cover up certain parts. I quickly ran back to my office and grabbed my little 2megapixel camera and snapped some pics.

So here they are. In the tradition of automotive spy pics, they are of poor quality ;) but you are getting an early look at the next generation Jeep Grand Cherokee :D

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