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In my opinion, GM is taking their 'second string' brands in the wrong direction, so here's my basic idea for a combined US lineup... Main thing is, they should sell them all in a combined dealership, to give the impression of a more substantial lineup

Suzuki Lineup (Entry Level Cars, Kei and FWD sedan)
Twin- As is, cheap entry-level city car, with the green halo of a hybrid.
Samurai: In speaking with people, I've found very few who remember the debacle with the original Samurai. A Lapin SS with left-hand-drive would be nice as this.
MR Wagon: A rather nice car as is, so it should be kept
Reno: Continue as is, restyle Forenza as Reno Sedan
Cappucino: Similar to it's original namesake, an ultralight, inexpensive roadster, a motorcycle with four wheels, basically.

Subaru (Rugged, all wheel drive, mid-lux cars, turbos in performance models.))
R1 and R2- to compete against the incoming Smart line.
Impreza- Currently strong, restyle to new corporate Nakajima Aircraft heritage styling
Legacy- Give it the new corporate face.
Forester- Likewise, give it the new corporate face, with the lights in the grille 'wings'

Saab: Note, All turbo lineup
9-2, based on Astra sports hatch, Compact luxury sports coupe, FWD base models, AWD upper level models.
9-3, Good car already, keep as is, highlight on the turbo.
9-5, that drawing that was released with the lights wrapping up around to the top of the bootlid was gorgeous, and should be followed.

Subaru Sambar restyle and rebadge for US market. This would fill a niche I have noted, the lack of a generally available light commercial in the US.
D-Max, and D-Max MU-7: Replacement for the Suzuki, Subaru, and Saab midsize SUVs, meant to flesh out the Isuzu truck line
C, E, F, and N series cabover trucks: Sell these as Isuzus, not Chevrolets.
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