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My 67 1st gen

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This is my 67 1st gen camaro. It was white and a bit rough round the edges when I bought it. I have completely redone the interior, stripped the car completely down, straightened it out, cut out a bit of rust and re sprayed it in a 2013 Dodge Header Orange with straight White tinter SS stripes. It is running a GM crate 350 HO motor, 4 speed Muncie and is just a ten bolt diff with 2.78:1 ratio for now. Will probably swap that out for a 12 bolt 3.08:1 or similar later on down the track.

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Love the first gen Camaro/Firebirds!!! Very jealous you have one and I don't!! Makes me a little sad that you didn't go with Hugger Orange though..
First gen Camaro is one of my favorite cars ever. Very handsome design.

Nice car. When'd you buy it? How long did it take to finish?
A nice looking car,but is it too mean for me to say that I like the before (white) better?.

Kudos to you for keeping an old GM car alive and well!
Good lookin' car! Enjoy it.
Good lookin' car! Enjoy it.
I love the Marshawn Lynch reference.
Sweet, nice job on the mods. Enjoy it.
Beautiful car!

No offence, but I like the white as well. ..... :)
Cheers for all the comments guys. It took just under eight months to complete from start to finish. Have had it since 2012. And no, I don't mind for all the guys who prefer white. It would be a boring old world if we all liked the same thing. Lol
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Very nice! Love the color too!
Looks awesome. I'm always a fan of classic Camaro's.
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