Formerly only offered on the GMC Sierra, the Chevrolet will soon have access to the transforming Multi-function tailgate.

Early reports suggested that the new piece would only be available on 2022 models, a new video from Chevrolet reveals that it will, indeed, be available for late MY2021 trucks.


The tailgate will get a slightly different name when it migrates across brands. On the GMC Sierra, it is know as the Multipro tailgate, whereas on the Chevy Silverado it will be called the Multiplex tailgate.

The only other difference appears to be the badges. Just like its GMC counterpart, the Multiflex tailgate's top portion can flip down to cradle long loads or flip up to stop them. It can also be used as a step when the gate is down.

The tailgate appears to be just one of many updates to the 2021 Silverado. More on those changes when Chevy fully reveals the updated truck on September 21.