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Much Praise Heaped on the GTO by Motor Trend

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Motor Trend LOVES the GTO. They also LOVE the Interior.

The one thing that kept irking me, however, as I was reading through the article, was that the more praise they heaped on the build quality, panel gaps, and upholstery ("at a level not seen in decades from GM"), the more it became painfully clear WHY it is so well put together.....:

It's not built by Unions in the U.S.A. and not engineered by guys in Detroit, but made Down Under, where they apparently care more about the quality of their interiors. That's the painful truth. Pick up a copy of Motor Trend off your local magazine rack and see if I'm not right.

They don't mention this fact (I don't think), but this point struck me hard.

Unfortunately, we may well have to wait DECADES before the UAW and Detroit white collars build an interior like the Monaro's. (Well, the CTS is pretty darned good)

Whether it be the fault of Beancounters, Engineers, the UAW, or all 3 in the U.S., there is no excuse why Holden should be able to garner such praise over GM North America.

Someone in Detroit's design, R&D, or assembly lines, must be sweating, reading all of the well-deserved praise for "GM" in that article.

Kudos to Holden, may they be a model for GM here.



Yeah, yeah, I know it's not fair to compare an 18,000 dollar Sunfire to a 32,000 dollar GTO, but I'm just saying... :p
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Sceltor, if you read closely they mention it is just a photochop but I felt like you when I first saw it, though I didn't mind it too much. I liked the side skirts.
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