Chevrolet Mexico has announced recently that it would be producing a TV show featuring some of the country's biggest stars. The All Star Driving School (ASDS) will feature some of the best and worst driving habits of the biggest names in Mexico.

"This platform gives us the possibility of creating greater awareness about the importance of becoming better drivers, offering solutions and driving techniques through experts, and mainly promoting a culture of road safety in Mexican society," said Adrián Enciso, Advertising and Promotion Director of GM Mexico, in a press release.

The format isn't new, with other versions of ASDS appearing in Russia, Slovenia, and the UK. But this is the first time that the show is being sponsored entirely by one automaker and recalls a gentler time when products put their name on shows like the Fleischmann's Yeast Hour and General Motors Concerts.

Hosted by Omar Perez, the show is, sadly, not about performance driving. The driving school in question is more like the one you took when you were 16 and will highlight some of the good and bad driving habits that the celebrities (comedians singers, actors) have. They will then be judged by driving instructors and probably corrected.

The celebs will be driving the will drive models such as the Onix, the Cheyenne, the Blazer, the Camaro, the Equinox, the Suburban, and the 2021 Tahoe.

The group of instructors that will judge and train the participants are Maca Carriedo, a television presenter and automotive journalist; "Franky Mostro," an automotive journalist who has a YouTube channel dedicated to talking about the launches of the automotive industry; and Oscar "Vampiro" Ruiz, a racing driver, vehicle testing expert, car restorer, TV driver.

The celebrities who will be tested on All Star Driving School are the members of the pop group JNS; actor José Eduardo Derbez; The comedian "El Diablito"; presenter Paul Stanley; actor Mauricio Garza; presenter Mauricio Mancera; and actress Mariana Echeverría.