It's farewell to one of the most exclusive cars in the world. Cottage carmaker Morgan is saying goodbye to the V8. Which means it may also be time to say goodbye to LS swapped Morgans.

Morgan has been using V8 engines for 50 years starting with Buick's 3.5-liter V8 and moving most recently to BMW's 4.4L V8. Now that's going away. Not surprising since BMW dropped the engine from its own lineup back in 2010.

To say farewell to the handbuilt Aero 8 and Plus 8, Morgan has made a video tribute. It features the automaker's Chief Test Driver, Keith Dalley. Dalley is responsible for testing every aluminum chassis Morgan V8 car.

The two final V8 cars, one of each model are the stars of the film. Driving through the British countryside, and then back into the factory. Where you can hear a piece of Morgan's future.

It sounds suspiciously like a turbo V6, but Morgan isn't talking. They are saying that a new car will be coming next year. They're calling it a "Wide Body" sports car. It'll have an all-new platform and a powertrain the company hasn't used before. The new car will sit on top of the lineup.

If you're not happy with the end of the V8 roadster, then a US importer might have just what you're looking for. Morgan Cars USA, which has been importing Morgans for 50 years (until recent events under the name Isis Imports), offers up something quintessentially American. They drop an LS V8 into the wood and steel Morgan to make a car that has more power than H.F.S. Morgan could ever have imagined.