General Motors is in the midst of a big shift right now and some investors are wondering if it should be accompanied by a nominal shift.

Morgan Stanley's Adam Jonas penned a note Tuesday saying "several investors have asked us about the potential for a name change to accompany a radical strategic shift for the company."

Jonas maintains that he "had no strong opinions on a potential name change, but do not exclude the possibility of such an action being considered by GM's leadership to help foster perception and cultural change."

There's no question that changing names is a tool many companies use to keep up with the times. Dunkin' Donuts, for instance, recently dropped the "Donut" to be more relevant in a less dessert-based breakfast culture.

Institutional investors may be looking for a similar indicator that GM is in tune with the times. They may be looking to ensure that General Motors is focused specifically on electric motors.

It's no secret that GM's share prices were falling in value for most of last year, though a late decision to shutter several North American plants did send share prices rising and we're sure union leaders have a few suggestions for what GM should change its name.

But what do you think? If GM changed its name, what would you change it to?

[source: Bloomberg]