Chevrolet is leaving no aerodynamic stone unturned in its pursuit of a slipperier car.

The latest patents show active side skirts, an active spoiler, and downforce generating ducts.

The side-skirts are there to help airflow around the body and decrease drag by lowering or raising the skirts. This is controlled by computers that measure groundspeed.

The spoiler meanwhile will be attached to stanchions that can move like an a-frame. By splitting its legs, the spoiler's angle and height can change based on whether the car determines that more downforce or less drag is desired.

Finally, the downforce-generating ducts will move air through the car from the front to back. Not dissimilar to the Y-duct, Chevy's patent shows the air flowing all the way to the back of the car (rather than exiting, say, at the front).

While the patent drawings show a C7 Corvette, there's much speculation about this actually applying to the mid-engine C8, which might explain why one of the drawings shows a spoiler on the hood of the Corvette.

Whatever the case, it's clear that Chevy is getting serious about making the Corvette slippery.

[source: CorvetteBlogger, via Motor1]