Rumors have long claimed that the GT500 and the C8 Corvette would share a manual transmission and an employee newsletter recently uncovered by Road & Track seems to suggest that this will, indeed be the case.

The Tremec newsletter shows the TR-7007 and the TR-9007 dual-clutch transmissions. Though the newsletter is from 2017, it states that Tremec contacted Fassler for a project called "GM-DCT."

It goes on to talk about dry topics-like that the transmission is being designed in Belgium and built in Queretaro, Mexico-before mentioning that two honing machines to be modified to accommodate another project called "Ford-DCT."

The newsletter speculated that the transmissions would end up in the mid-engine Corvette and the GT350, though we now know that the Ford one ended up in the GT500.

So, while the newsletter is anything revealing, it's anything but the gospel.

[source: Road & Track]