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Month of Reckoning: Civic, Corolla, Camry & Accord outsell F-series and Silverado

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The sales charts have looked pretty much the same for the last few years: Ford F-series, Chevrolet Silverado, then Toyota Camry.

However, after a dismal month for pickup truck sales, the Civic, Corolla/Matrix, Camry, and Accord (in that order) leaped beyond both the Silverado and F-series to become America's best-selling vehicles for May 2008.

The F-series sales softened by 30.6% from May 2007, for a total of 42,973 units moved. The Silverado's sales were off by 42% year-over-year for a total sold of 37,020. In sharp contrast, Toyota was able to herd out an astonishing 52,826 Corollas/Matrixes and 51,291 Camrys during May (of which, 5,999 were hybrids). And taking the top prize was Honda's Civic, with total May sales of an unheard of 53,299 units. Slotting below the Camry for fourth place was the Accord, which racked up 43,728 buyers.

No doubt about it, the times have rapidly changed.
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Re: Month of Reckoning: Camry now the Best Selling Vehicle in the USA

Actually it is COROLLA that is the best selling vehicle - it overtook the Camry, along with the F-series:

Corolla; 52k
Camry 51k
F-series 38k

actually - Toyota move over!!

Civic: 53k sales !! WOW

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Re: AN: Ford F-Series outsold by both Corolla and Camry

yes, acually the new bestseller is the Civic

Civic: 53k
Corolla: 52k
Accord 43l
F-150: 42k

(rounded down for all of them)

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Re: AN: Ford F-Series outsold by both Corolla and Camry

what is the percentage of fleet sales for each of these cars? Where can we find that info? because wasn't it last month the Corolla was doing bad?
unknown for Toyota, but 0% for Honda- Honda does not sell to fleets.

Actually Ford said that in Retail, Focus outsold F-series, as well.

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