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Modern Motor Reviews the New Holdens...on LP!

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Find this whilst researching my Ausmosis project,

Unique Car parts
Scroll down to find the LP, crank the handle and gather around.
It does go for 10 minutes but it's worth it. They even bought in a woman!:lmao:

<<<This is one colour I want

<<< or this one. Anyone know the names of them?
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A good mate of mine did up an EH Premier wagon (as in full body off resto with the best of everything), and used a similar colour to the ones above called 'Portsea blue' which might have been customised a bit because it looks pretty green under some lighting conditions (hazy yellow light) and pretty blue under others.

So you can have a look @ the colours, and yes those wheels aren't original - they're custom deep dish Holden steel rims done in proper old fashioned chrome.
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^ You're correct, the Premier badge prevailed.
The little sheild on the Premier badge has the Southern cross on it though =D
It's a good thing it doesnt have 179 badges because the grey under that heavy steel bonnet was I think a 179 HP bored out to 186 or 190, with Yella Terra heads and a custom higher flowing exhaust, since the original was very restrictive.
Never fear though, because there's a spare original 179 in a shed and also an original set of rims and tyres, all of which can bolt straight in.

Wish I could show the interior.
My mate had an LJ in a great colour that I don't know the name of. But it would be fairly close to Evoke, a gun metal grey with a bluey/purpley tint through it.
My HJ Prem was a great colour, it was a champagne colour called - of all things - Antelope. It was like a Benz colour, my Prem was one beautiful car, weep.
HJP-212 where are you now?
Like the HR in this months/last months' Street Machine? That thing proves you can put lipstick on a pig.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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