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Mod for the Malibu :)

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So I want to have a little more grunt from the 3500 in our Maxx.

I put the request in to my bro. and he's already bookmarked me a 'safe but fun' intake for the Malibu. :D

I wanted to do tints, Malibu SS rims, GMPP Sport catback, Alpine with Ipod jack, and lowering springs (1-2inches)

but I figure I should just save my money for the Turbo!!! (Or school:() and pay for that since I only get the Malibu till October (unless Mom gets a *New* Malibu 1LT 6speed/4cylinder combo...

My brother gets the Maxx next year for use so I'm just giving him the car 'better' than I started driving it;)

Will post pics, will order in the next two-three weeks. My one summer mod that will make the car fun (well as much as a FWD, V6 OHV, Auto, Waghatch can be)


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I'm going through my 06,07,08 GM Performance Parts and GM Accesories books and there is no exhaust for the Malibu. I wanted to get the same thing for my G/F's Bu SS when she got it, but there was no exhaust for it to be had. Mabey I'm wrong and am just mising it, but I dont think so.

Have it custom bent, it wont be polished stainless but it would do the job and not cost as much.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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