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Minivans losing many fans amid quest for new image
Scripps Howard News Service
April 01, 2004

The minivan seems to be like some actor who gets typecast in a hip family sitcom and then can't find a meaningful role when fashions change.

Imagine "Eight is Enough" star **** Van Patten as the bad cop on "NYPD Blue."

In its early years, the minivan came to be known as a status symbol for upwardly mobile families derided by demographers as "yuppies." The minivan attracted critics from career-oriented, 30-something singles who began glancing furtively at their own biological clocks.

Two decades later, the minivan revolution that Chrysler Chairman Lee Iacocca launched in a desperate effort to save the company has been swept aside by the sport utility juggernaut that has its own crowd of sneering critics.

This year there are signs that the minivan decline that some automotive experts predicted years ago may be actually coming to pass.

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