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Milford 08 pictures

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Hi guys me and a friend of mine went to Milford yesterday and today to see what was out and about. On day 1 we saw nothing worthwhile but today we saw plenty of Buick lacrosses running around the section of track that was visible in our new spot. And sorry about the blurriness in some of these photos but my camera is NOT an SLR (in other words I'm really pushing my cameras limits when i do shots of objects at a great distance). Anyway enjoy and I'll post more soon

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Wow! The clearest pics yet. Man this car is going to rule, its got style coming out its you know what. Man, what a game changer. Buick is back. Did Priddy and Co. see these yet, she'd pay top dollar for these! : /
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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