New GM Design boss Mike Simcoe has declared his support for an affordable RWD V8 performance car for Holden.

According to Wheels Mag, GM is considering shipping over RHD Camaros, either when it undergoes it's mid-cycle facelift or worst case, when the 7th Gen arrives after 2020.

Simcoe says executives from both Holden and GM International have approached him, seeking his support for the project once he gains the full reins of power.

"If you're asking about a rear-wheel-drive performance V8 ... I understand the things this market needs so I will certainly help wherever I can," Simcoe told Wheels. "Some people at Holden have already asked the question."

Of course Simcoe won't blindly push the car though, naturally the business case must at least make some sense.

"I recognise the need for a niche product that creates performance aspiration or aspiration for the brand itself and I will help make that happen. But I won't do it in an irrational way. I was intensely loyal and passionate about Holden, but I was always rational and I will remain that."

GM has been caught out by the Mustangs success in non-traditional markets, Ford has taken more than 6,000 for its pony car in Australia alone.