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The factory wheels on my 2012 had some marks that looked like worms under the clear. 1 wheel had a big spot of corrosion on the lip of the rim close to the bead. They started looking bad last year and when I had the Truck in for State Inspection I forgot to mention it to the Service Guys. After they told me my truck was ready, I remembered the wheels. I asked the guy to check them out. He said to keep an eye on it and if it changed to bring it back for a better look on their part. After another Pa winter they did get much worse and when I called they me make an appointment to have the wheels checked. I was there for 10 minutes and they decided on the spot to replace all 4 wheels. I got a call a week or so later that they had the new wheels in stock and could get them on when I could get there. I have the replacements on now and the Kelly Service Guys did a great job. Thanks Guys another Good Job done at this Dealership once again.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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