With the C8 Corvette set to be revealed on July 18, you could be forgiven for getting a little excited. But Bob Lutz thinks you're getting excited about the wrong thing. What he thinks the Corvette brand really needs is an SUV.

Speaking to Automotive News, the former GM executive argued that Corvette is facing the same problem as Harley Davidson: the world isn't making any more baby boomers.

"The owner body is getting older and older and older, and there are no young people coming in," Lutz said and argued that while he doesn't believe the Cadillac brand has any space to go upmarket, the Corvette brand does.

"If I were there, what I would do is develop a dedicated architecture, super lightweight, super powerful, Porsche Cayenne-like, only much better and a little bigger, medium-volume Corvette SUV," said Lutz.

Along with making it a bigger, faster, lighter SUV to take on those upstarts at Porsche, Lutz argued that the Corvette SUV should cost $100,000 and never be offered with a V6 or as a low-cost offering.

And while the thought of a Corvette SUV might be offensive to some of its bigger fans, it must be said that the marketplace has proven that there's space for powerful, performance SUVs. From the Lamborghini Urus to the BMW X3M, to the Bentley Bentayga, everyone's getting in on the high-margin, sporty SUV game.

Lutz is hardly the first to make such an argument, and likely won't be the last, but whether or not Chevy heeds his advice remains to be seen.