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I absolutely expect EVs will have efficiency standards to abide by. Those that think EVs will mark the end of the regulatory burden are sadly mistaken.
UK Government will lose £40 billions a year in ICE fuel tax duty after 2030, they are going to fill the big black hole lost fuel duty tax revenue on gasoline/diesel with similar levels of taxes on electric cars.

EV car owners would face a new "save the planet" road pricing tax, that would be charged between 2p and £1.50 per mile depending on the time of day and levels of congestion so if you drove 100 miles on a busy time of time of day you would be charged £150 ($202) for the 100 mile trip in an electric car to make up for lost ICE tax revenue , and a new electricity consumption tax of 3% on all households regardless of whether they own an EV or don't own one. Electric car taxes are coming LINK

I think everybody will end up living closer to work, maybe move a nicer area when they retire, with expensive road pricing.

British motorists are pretty apathetic about upgrading to EV's as they know the current 70% taxes on every tank of fuel you fill-up with a tank full of 70% taxes, will be replaced with new wave of EV car taxes once EV's go mainstream after 2030.
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