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Mercedes-Benz may have parted ways with McLaren, but the German automaker isn’t quite done with supercar tie-ups just yet. According to a new report, Mercedes is planning a partnership with Aston Martin that would include engine and transmission collaborations, hybrid technology development and even platform sharing.

Per a Car Magazine report, the top secret tie-up – which Mercedes has dubbed Project Alligator – would see Aston Martin using Mercedes engines, including AMG’s 6.2L V8 for use in Vantage models. Project Alligator would also allow Aston Martin access to Mercedes-Benz’ hybrid and diesel technologies, as well as Merc’s eight-speed automatic transmission.

In order to cut costs for both marques, the plan also calls for Aston and Mercedes to share platforms on range-topping models.

Mercedes’ ultra-luxury brand, Maybach, would also benefit from the tie-up as Project Alligator also includes plans for Aston Martin/Maybach cooperation on future models. We quite fancy the idea of a Maybach-badged Rapide.
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