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Memphis Super Chevy Show!!!

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:)I took my 66 Corvair Corsa Turbo Convertible to the Super Chevy Show here in Memphis this weekend. I wasn't going to take the car because as a rule Corvairs don't fit well into the Chevy crowd. All my friends kept saying, common take it, that car is beautiful. If you take it, I WILL PAY TO PUT IT INTO THE SHOW. OK YOU PAY, I'LL TAKE IT..I guessed right, it didn't fit in with the Camaro's, Chevy II's, Chevelle's, Impala's, Tri-fives or even the Corvette's. It was put into an "Open Class". That includes you're Vegas, Chevette's, Cobalts and all the other odd by Chevrolet cars built.. I had it in a stock class till the judges came 3 days later. They saw the 10 disc. Sony CD changer in the trunk and the car was bumped into "Open Street Class". Picky, Picky..The car does have am/fm 8-track in dash but the CD changer was not allowed in stock class. Came time for the results and I really didn't expect to win anything. To my amazment and my friends the car won "Best of Street Open Class. I thought my time in the sun was over but next it was picked as "Best car of Open Class". The little turbocharged car always had a crowd around it. Some telling stories of their Corvair days and some just amazed at the fly by the seat of their pants the engineers used to turbo charge it.. All the Chevy owners who were there stopped over and made me and my little Orphan car feel like family..They really liked the little turbo car..Made me feel good. My thanks to all of them..
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You do get attention in a Corvair. Some good and some bad. I can't wait to get mine back out on the road.
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