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'Meet Your 2009' Lineup Facts
June 9, 2008


Probably one of the most-welcomed changes for 2009 involves two models; the Cobalt and HHR. With fuel prices skyrocketing into uncharted territory, GM is renewing their commitment rather well for these two models. The Cobalt and HHR both get a new 2.2L VVT ECOTEC with 155 HP/150 lb.-ft. torque as the STANDARD engine. GM has said that the Cobalt automatic should get 35+ MPG on the highway, but we will have to wait on the ratings to come out. Aside from that; XM, OnStar and StabiliTrak are standard on both models. Added for 2009; E85 capability (the only compact car on the market with E85!), Bluetooth, and USB connectivity. All of the above makes for two very compelling compact vehicles in a time when compacts are hotter than hell.

OMG! GM finally has Bluetooth. In typical GM fashion, they have been late to the party on Bluetooth...but when they show up, they show up BIG. There are very few models for 2009 that do not have Bluetooth available. There are a couple different types of Bluetooth at GM. Most of the mainstream models have Bluetooth like other vehicles (where is is part of the car's LAN system, etc.), but Cadillac models have Bluetooth through the OnStar Generation 8.0 hardware. We have yet to hear any details of the advantages of such.

XM NavTraffic

Like Bluetooth, GM is embracing XM's NavTraffic technology widely for the 2009 model-year. Most GM vehicles that have an available navigation system will also have the XM NavTraffic system. NavTraffic subscribers have visual information regarding; traffic conditions, accidents, construction zones, and weather forecasts. The traffic service is currently available in 40 metropolitan areas.


2009 Lineup Counts
# of Cars: 20
# of Crossovers: 10
# of Trucks: 8
# of SUV's: 11
# of Vans: 2

TOTAL 2009 GM LINEUP: 51 Models

  • 72.5% of the 2009 GM lineup has Bluetooth
  • GM's Hybrid lineup doubled in 2009 to 10 models
  • E85 capability was expanded to: Cobalt, G5, HHR, Lucerne, H2, Escalade
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Yeah, I know, they're from their press site.


6-speed standard on all Auras, woot?
Horrid G6 facelift.
I'm stuck reconsidering the Cobalt because of the new tech, the improved handling, fuel economy (IF THEY CAN GET 35MPG ON THE EPA'S CYCLE WITH THE AUTO, Jesus, I could probably get 40MPG or better, and most of my traveling/commuting is done at 90KMPH these days... So I could do EVEN BETTER).

How shameful, since I've never really been too fond of it (tossability aside).
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