Chevrolet will be launching a new initiative to promote it's small car lineup to a younger and more socially savvy shopper. will focus on the Spark, Sonic and Trax compact CUV.

"The Spark, Sonic and Trax all target a younger, more socially savvy buyer," said Steve Majoros, Chevrolet director of cars and crossovers. "When we looked at reasons for purchase, cross consideration and demographics, we found a number of similarities. By aligning these products we can be more strategic and create more engaging, sharable content that speaks directly to this audience."

The site was developed in partnership with Funny or Die and Kickstand Band--it will feature content that allows younger shoppers to interact, discover and engage with the three bite sized Chevrolets.
Small Talk: Three short episodes produced by Funny or Die featuring Sonic, Spark or Trax.

Sonic Sessions: The Kickstand Band performs one of their songs inside the new Sonic, played on miniaturized instruments.

Find Your Smalltime: Quizzes users and then matches them to the best small Chevy for their lifestyle.
Sonic, Spark and Trax customers are likely to be first-time new car buyers and traditionally are more likely to stay with the brand as their needs and lifestyle changes and they need to move up to a bigger sedan or SUV," said Majoros. "We've introduced a lot of new vehicles in the last few years and the new website is a great way to expose a portion of our portfolio that not everyone knows about." will additionally feature a vehicle customizer including a few fun features with the hope that users will share their creations socially; podcasts with John Hodgman; Mixtapes from up and coming artists; Influencers hacking small living spaces; and above all celebrating the greatness of small things.