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The past 2 saturday evenings, I tuned into the Mecun auto auctions. Initially, it was interesting with the bidding wars and the muscle cars on parade but, midway through the second Saturday, it became apparent that only Camaros or Mustangs were really being shown on the tv. When an Olds rolled up, it was time for a commercial break. Before the break, the upcoming highlights are a Camaro or a Mustang. Midway, I told the wife she can watch whatever she liked.
I like Camaros and I do realize that they and Cudas are pushing the hysteria of these speculators (lets be honest, these people buy and sell based upon appreciation only). I liked the young emcee asking if the car was in the family a long time. The guy answered "yeah, about a year". But, there are AMX's and 4-4-2's and ....
A Camaro being bid to $315,000 and there is no sale--the guy wanted $400,000. I hate to say it but aside from the body, the Camaro shared its chasis with the nova and Firebirds. A nice car? Yes. A Mona Lisa? No.
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