Corvette or Cadillac, the commentariat is divided and now I'm here to throw down a new theory.

The sleuths were quick to call this the mid-engine Corvette, and it certainly could be--equally sound and fury has begun to build around the thought this thing should be a Cadillac.

In the expanded gallery published by Autoblog yesterday we see a heavily camouflaged mule chaperoned by one Corvette, and a Cadillac armada.


My new theory: power train mules for a high output twin-turbo V6 to be shared by all involved.

Framed in a Corvette perspective with an eye on LM GTE regulations, this would be totally logical. Engine displacement is limited by the ACO to either 5.5-liters naturally aspirated or 4.0-liters turbocharged/supercharged-- both Ford and Ferrari recently left the Corvettes for dead at Le Mans with their 3.5 twin-turbo V6 and 3.9 turbo V8 respectively.

If you couple that with our report on GM's new two-stage turbo the theory gets more tantalizing- power, smoothness, efficiency, which brand do we know that could use more of that?

Naturally we would still have to get past the outrageous outcry that would accompany a Corvette offered with anything other a meaty V8.

Which would leave the camouflaged mule a Cadillac based on a conventional C7 Corvette, however instead of the Stingray's LT1, it's a twin-turbo V6.

Presumably this would create enough a differentiation between Corvette and Cadillac; and without major structural changes the two would share space in the recently cash rich Bowling Green Corvette factory.

Of course this could all just be a coincidence...